NetPhys Lab


The NetPhys Lab is a pain and data analytics neuroscience laboratory at the Department of Anesthesia, Pain Managment and Perioperative Medicine at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. The lab is dedicated to understanding the behavioral relevance of neural communication in large-scale brain networks. We use sensory and affective pain as our modality for understanding how the brain processes internal and external information to generate perception. We also observe how pain intensity is altered by ongoing mental process such as attention and expectations.


Our overall goal is to establish the scope and limits as to which we will be able to use brain imaging for predicting pain modulation and other complex behaviors. Another core focus of NetPhys is predictive analytics geared at using multimodal brain imaging data for developing tools to stratify patients into groups and to predict treatment outcomes, especially in chronic pain patients.


We seek to establish the usefulness of our tools for predicting pain response and other types of behavior in all ages across the lifespan. Other projects will study brain networks in altered states of consciousness—such as general anesthesia or mindful-awareness meditation—in multimodal data.The planned studies will use leading-edge-imaging methodology (MEG, EEG, fMRI, DTI). To analyze data, we use network models (e.g. graph theory), computational modelling and machine learning on task evoked responses and connectivity in the brain.